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Physicians and medical graduates

At Vitos, we offer various chances for physicians and medical graduates.

To facilitate your start at Vitos, we assorted some information about our offer and your possibilities.


Vitos GmbH is the strategic management holding of twelve charitable organisations.

It is owned by the State Welfare Association of Hesse (LWV Hessen), a cooperation of the districts and independent cities of Hesse which was assigned social tasks.

Every year, staff members in the Vitos clinics treat and care for 33,000 patients in the inpatient and for 170,000 patients in the outpatient department.

The treatment of adults, children and youth in psychiatric clinics and in clinics of forensic psychiatry is the core responsibility of the group.

Vitos also treats physically injured people in its somatic specialist clinics for neurology and orthopaedics.

Patients with psychological or mental handicaps are treated in Vitos’ specialist institutions. Moreover, Vitos also offers social-pedagogic assistance for young people.

Around 9,600 staff members generate proceeds of 560 Million Euros in total per year. Vitos is one of Germany’s major clinic operators.