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Physicians at Vitos
Opportunities and accessOpportunities and access

Vitos as your employer

At Vitos, we offer various chances for physicians and medical graduates. The treatment of adults, children and youth in psychiatric clinics and in clinics of forensic psychiatry is our core responsibility. We also treat physically injured people in our somatic specialist clinics for neurology and orthopaedics.

Every year, staff members in our clinics treat and care for 43,000 patients in the inpatient and for 175,000 patients in the outpatient department.

Around 11.000 staff members generate proceeds of 700 Million Euros in total per year.

Owned by the State Welfare Association of Hesse (LWV Hessen), a cooperation of the districts and independent cities of Hesse which was assigned social tasks, we are one of Germany’s major clinic operators.


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Physicians at Vitos

To support you in having a good start at Vitos, we launched a support program for international physicians. Initially, you will conclude a placement contract with a duration of six months to one year. During this time, you will receive a monthly support of 1.638 Euro. Vitos will provide you with a further language qualification. As soon as the recognition of your medial licence is present, you can sign a resident contract.

Conditions for an application for our support program:

  • Medical degree
  • German language skills of the level B2

To apply please send your documents (CV, application letter, certificates and official documents) to application(at)vitos.de


Contact person

Sarah Junghans, Human Resources Specialist


As soon as the recognition of your medial licence is present, you will sign a contract for training as a medical specialist. In Germany, the training as a specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, paediatric and youth psychiatry or neurology has a duration of at least 60 months.

If you have acquired your medical qualification in a member state of the European Union, in a country within the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, you should generally be issued with a licence to practise medicine.

To apply in the state of Hesse you need a language certificate B2 and a German medical language certificate C1. You can address your application to the competent authority, the HLPUG

We are happy to assist you!


If you are a Medical Doctor with a medical education from outside the European Union you can apply for a temporarily restricted license, if you have a prospective medical employer in Hesse and the German language certificate B2. Additionally, a German medical language certificate (psychotherapy) C2 is also needed.

For more information visit the competent authority, the HLPUG.

Hesse has a central position in Germany and Europe, both geographically and economically. Visiting and settling here is a bit like coming home. 700,000 foreign citizens of more than 180 nationalities make the state a many-layered place of economic, social and cultural exchange. Hesse's natural landscapes account for over 1/3 of the state's area. Each one of them represents a piece of Hesse's characteristic diversity. The particular features of their landscapes make them outstanding areas for leisure and relaxation.

Living in Hesse


Vitos Companies

Vitos in Gießen
(Vitos Gießen-Marburg gGmbH) Licher Straße 106
35394 Gießen
Vitos in Marburg
(Vitos Gießen-Marburg gGmbH) Cappeler Straße 98
35039 Marburg
Vitos in Heppenheim
(Vitos Südhessen gGmbH), Viernheimer Straße 4
64646 Heppenheim
Vitos in Gießen
(Vitos Haina gGmbH, Standort Gießen) Licher Straße 132
35394 Gießen
Vitos in Friedrichsdorf-Köppern
(Vitos Hochtaunus gGmbH) Emil-Sioli-Weg 1-3
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(Vitos Südhessen gGmbH) Philippsanlage 101
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65589 Hadamar
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(Vitos Reha Frankfurt, Vitos Reha gGmbH) Mittelweg 49
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(Vitos Weil-Lahn gGmbH, Standort Weilmünster) Weilstraße 10
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(Vitos Orthopädische Klinik Kassel gGmbH) Wilhelmshöher Allee 345
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(Vitos Herborn gGmbH) Austraße 40
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(Vitos Rheingau gGmbH) Kloster-Eberbach-Straße 4
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Vitos in Bad Emstal-Merxhausen
(Vitos Kurhessen, Standort Bad Emstal-Merxhausen) Landgraf-Philipp-Straße 9
34308 Bad Emstal
Vitos Akademie
Licher Straße 104
35394 Gießen
Tel. 0641 - 9 43 75 - 0
Fax. 0641 - 9 43 75 – 10
Vitos in Kassel
(Vitos Kurhessen, Standort Kassel) Wilhelmshöher Alle 345 A
34131 Kassel